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PUC Rio’s dean and NIMA’s Coordinator have both lectured at the COP 21 conference, that focused on the subject of water.


The 21st Conference of Parts About Climate, in Paris, started in november 30th and ended up being extended until december 12nd. Two huge names representing PUC Rio had a turn on the spotlight during the ocasion.

On friday 10th, the Father Josafá Carlos de Siqueira SJ, PUC-Rio’s Dean, took part on the debate “Water is Life”, during the European Panel. Father Josafá discussed the Laudato Si’ encyclical document, released by Pope Francis in july 2015 about enviromental issues. The dean aproached one of the document’s highlights, the water issues, and brought up the need for new water usage ethics, also referred to as hydroethics, in order to preserve such a vital resource.

Also in the European Panel, the PUC-Rio’s Headmistress of Urbanism and Architecture Department and NIMA's coordinator, Maria Fernanda Lemos, has joined the forum “Water in the heart of adaptation politics - a few true cases”. She spoke about water management and presented a case study about Rio Rainha, the River that flows through PUC-Rio’s campus.

Professor Danilo Marcondes, a member of PUC-Rio’s Philosophy Department, exposed the event’s final considerations, among with the french-canadian professor Guigone Camus. The panel was a part of the conference’s official schedule, in parallel to the negotiations.

From left to right: Giuseppe Musumeci, from Cardeal Paul Poupard Foundation; Professor Danilo Marcondes, from PUC-Rio’s Philosophy Department; Father Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, SJ, PUC-Rio’s dean; Professor Maria Fernanda Lemos, from the Urbanism and Architecture Department and NIMA’s Coordinator.

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