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Mesa de abertura XXI

Event organized by NIMA yields full auditorium and new views on environmental issues

The XXI Environment Week at PUC-Rio, conducted by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA), ended yesterday with the satisfaction of having had three days of full auditorium, and strong speakers who helped not only to educate, but enrich the vision of who was present on the current state of the planet and on what we can do to be part of the change for a more sustainable world.

On 9th of june, the Rector of PUC-Rio, Father Josafá Carlos de Siqueira talked about the expected Encyclical from Pope Franscisco about the environment and side by side with the economist Sergio Besserman, gave an insight into what to expect from government spheres in COP21. In the afternoon, the analysis became more local to discuss the environmental impacts of urban settlement in Rio de Janeiro, and what can and is being done to minimize them. The day ended with another carioca subject, the first track of long journey in Rio, Transcarioca, an ecological corridor of 170 kilometers.

In the morning of the second day of the event, the Rio2016 Committee, Rock in Rio and Light gave examples of sustainable initiatives and showed their socio-environmental concern. The companies also raffled various gifts such as bags, shirts and even slippers! In the afternoon, the conversation became more technical to talk about the resilience of biodiversity, but the full auditorium, showed how great is the interest in better understanding what science has to say about the current condition of ecosystems and the effects of human action on environment.

On 11th of June, the chemistry professor, José Godoy, showed how there is a huge waste of water in Brazil, and that the fault is not only the lack of public knowledge, but also that companies such as CEDAE itself wastes more than half of its water, according to WHO data. It was also discussed Brazil's untapped potential to develop solar energy and the benefits of photovoltaics.

The lecture that ended our XXI Environment Week, brought the multidisciplinary vision on climate change and put on the table of discussions a physicist, a chemist, an economist and a philosopher. Each area with its respective point of view helped raise awareness of the breadth of environmental issues and the importance of working together "Towards Healing the Planet".

For those who want to check out the lectures in full, the Digital Portal PUC-Rio has already provided the recordings.


Day 9th of june:

Opening ceremony

Lecture "Challenges and Perspectives - COP21"

Lecture "RJ's Ecological Corridor: Transcarioca Trail"


Day 10th of june:

Lecture "Sustainable Actions"

Lecture "Resilient Biodiversity"

Lecture "The Future Starts Now: The Environment and the New Generations"


Day 11th of june:

Lecture "Energy and Water"

Debate table "Climate Changes: A Multidisciplinary Vision"

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