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Begins tomorrow the XXI Environment Week of PUC-Rio, held by NIMA

 From 9th to 11th of June, the RDC Auditorium at PUC-Rio will host several lectures on current issues such as expectations for COP21, climate change, the challenges of sustainability in cities and events, energy and water will also be on the agenda . There will be three intense days to draw people's attention on how simple can be the actions in favor of the environment, and how necessary they are.

The twenty-first edition of the Environment Week of PUC-Rio, tries to find solutions in the "Route to Heal the Planet" and awakening in each one its awareness of their role as agents of change, it is not enough to wait for decisions in government spheres, each one must do its part and act on behalf of the planet.

Luiz Felipe Guanaes, director of NIMA, explained in an interview to PUC Urgent newspaper, that the goal of Environment Week is to sensibilize the PUC community regarding environmental discussions, and highlighted that the invitation is for students of all courses. "The ideal is not that only the students of Biology and Geography watch the theme of biodiversity. The pro-activity of the student is everything. (...) All courses have a class focused on the environment and this is very important. The ultimate goal of the University is to be sustainable as a whole. "

The event is open to the public and worth as a complementary activity. Check out the event on Facebook and invite your friends to participate too!


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