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cop guanaes

NIMA's director, Felipe Guanaes, spoke about Amazon


The Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA) of PUC-Rio attended the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 20) in Lima, Peru. The director of NIMA, Felipe Guanaes, gave the lecture "COP 20: Perspectives from el Sur", on 9 December.

The event was a partnership between the University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, the Interreligious Council of Peru, and the Association of Universities Entrusted a la Compañia de Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL). In addition to Felipe, the lecture had also Professor Jeffrey Sachs as a speaker.

It was up to director of NIMA to talk about the native nations of the Amazon and its territory, which stores a lot of carbon dioxide. He also addressed climate change and the importance of engaging all in the creation of policies that favor the most vulnerable to the impacts.

Sachs spoke of the need for awareness of climate change and the efficient use of renewable clean energy, beyond the formulation and stimulating the sustainable development models. The event brought together in the audience people from different countries and different cultural and religious backgrounds, which enabled a broad exchange of information and ideas, as all were gathered for the same goal of sustainability and preservation of the environment.

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