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Jesuitas Manaus

Seminar for the Discernment of the Mission of the Pan-Amazon of CPAL Project discusses joint actions of the Jesuits


Between 19th and 22th of November, members of the Jesuit Provinces Conference of Latin America (CPAL) met in Manaus, Brazil, to discuss the articulation of the Pan-Amazon Jesuit Project. The Seminar for the Discernment of the Mission of the Pan-Amazon of CPAL Project brought representatives from ten Latin countries with Jesuit presence. During the four days of discussions, the participants were able to have an overview of the set of actions developed by the Society of Jesus in the Pan-Amazon region and understand the challenges and existing needs for greater internal integration of these actions. Also discussed was the creation of external networks to the Company, and the engagement of other key players in the region for the benefit of the indigenous cause and the preservation of the environment.

During the seminar was also mentioned the publication "Healing a Hurted World", 2011, which was developed by seven members of the Society of Jesus to guide schools and Jesuit universities in the adoption of environmental values and the incorporation of sustainable practices. On behalf of PUC-Rio, Luiz Felipe Guanaes, Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA), participated in the seminar.

The end of the event did not bring a full clarification about the mission of the Pan-Amazon Project, but clarified which steps are needed to consolidate this integrated commitment to the environmental cause in Latin America.

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