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Event will discuss sustainability projects among Jesuit universities in Latin America


Next Monday, November 10th, is going to be held the I Seminar of Peers of Sustainability and Environment (RHA) sponsored by the Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America (AUSJAL) and supported by the Interdisciplinary Center of the Environment (NIMA) from PUC-Rio. The event will take place in RDC's auditorium, on the university campus, from 9H to 17H30. Will attend faculty members from Jesuit universities throughout Latin America, which will feature regional and global sustainability projects, Amazon will be on the agenda of discussions also.

In the last lecture of the event, scheduled for 16H45, Luiz Felipe Guanaes, Director of NIMA, is going to present the Sustainability Project of the Jesuit Provinces Conference on Latin America (CPAL).

The central goal of the seminar is to stimulate discussion of environmental issues among Jesuit universities that belong to the company and cause the exchange of ideas within the academic circle. The event intends to call to discuss the students themselves, but also other public and private institutions, academics, researchers and policy makers, and create a channel between them and the AUSJAL.

The lectures will be in Spanish, with the exception of the ones by teachers from PUC-Rio. The event is open to the public without signing up, and worths as complementary activity. Join in!

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