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Event will also discuss the role of sustainable public policies in the current context 


The II International Symposium Metropolization Space, Land Management and Urban-Rural Relations will be held at the Auditorium Padre Anchieta, in PUC-Rio campus, between the 3rd and 8th of November. The event will discuss the metropolization of space, the new urban values​​, the reconfiguration of cities, territorial management and the narrow urban-rural relation. The symposium was developed through the association between the Center for Studies and Research in Space and Megapolization (NEPEM), the Group of Rural and Urban Studies (urals) and the Group of Land Management in the State of Rio de Janeiro (GeTERJ), all from PUC-Rio, and also with the Center for the Study of Geography Fluminense (NEGEF), from UERJ.

Will be on the agenda the commodification of the city, city-marketing and urban contradictions, spectacle in public administration and the influence of space in social relations. The goal of the symposium is to understand the model of public management of urban space, and then criticize it and suggest improvements. To this end, researchers, planners and managers, as well as students and teachers are being called to dialogue. In addition to understanding the mechanisms of political management, the event aims to identify and map the conflicts between social actors involved in the movements against the current situation.

Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA) from PUC-Rio, Luiz Felipe Guanaes will be one of the speakers at the event, in the roundtable "Space and ecology in the metropolitan context," which will take place on November 7th at 14H. The symposium will also talk about climate change and changes in the landscape and rural environment. Check the schedule on the website.

To enroll is free, those who are interested in participating must apply through the link. The event will give certificates of participation to all that have frequency equal to or greater than 70%. Come on in and join us!

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