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Drexel and PUC

Partnership between american university and PUC-Rio does workshop about sustainable actions in poor comunities


Drexel University, headquartered in Pennsylvania, in the United States, came to Rio de Janeiro to host a workshop in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA) from PUC-Rio. Multidisciplinary teachers from both institutions met between 21th and 24th of September, at the Retreat House Padre Anchieta, in São Conrado. The main topic on the agenda were the opportunities and risks that poor communities offer to environment. During the meeting, teachers shared experiences and observed the similarities and differences of their projects. The group also took the opportunity to go to Dona Marta, Rocinha and Salgueiro communities.

Luiz Felipe Guanaes, Director of NIMA, presented the project "Águas da Gávea" that studies ways to revitalize Rainha River, which cuts Gávea in parallel to the Marquês de São Vicente Avenue, passing through PUC's campus, and empties into the channel of Visconde Albuquerque Avenue, in Leblon. The project's action plan wants to integrate the river neighboring populations, both poor communities like Rocinha, and also the condominiums of the highest class.

Workshop goals:

- Develop solutions on a global scale for urban ecological environments and methodologies to reach the communities that will be most benefited.

- View the potential for environmental services to local communities through the data mapping of watersheds and evaluating data to find replicable solutions in urban ecological environments on a global scale.

- Build multidisciplinary research tools with international partnerships.

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