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Amazon in Rio

Importance of Amazon's conservation is main topic of Yolanda Kakabadse's speech


Yolanda Kakabadse, President of WWF International Council, came to PUC-Rio on Monday (08th of september), to deliver the lecture "Amazon in Rio" realized by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (NIMA). The opening was made by the Rector of PUC-Rio, Priest Josaphat Carlos Siqueira SJ, followed by Luiz Felipe Guanaes, Director of NIMA, and Cláudio Maretti, leader of the Living Amazon Initiative. The three reinforced the importance of the Brazilian Amazon to the world and the need for initiatives like this that aware and encourage students, teachers and interested people to think in solutions for Amazonian problems. The lack of seats in the auditorium showed that people responded to the call.

During all her speech, Yolanda made ​​sure to remind the gravity of the current situation. "I don't talk about climate change, I talk about climate crises. I think everyone need to say that we are in a crisis, because the word change is not powerful enough to make people realize that the first victims are not just the poor and most vulnerable, the first and only victims are mankind. "The drought in Sao Paulo is an example of the urgency of planet's call.

Yolanda, who has been Minister of Environment of Ecuador, knows the political barriers that exist, especially the unwillingness of the politics. "Although it's horrible, I think it's important that some of the powerful countries suffer the effects of climate crisis, because if there is no drama, no one feels the need to act." Reference to the recent support to the environmental cause of the leaders Barack Obama (United States) and David Cameron (UK), after incidents such as hurricanes and floods occurring in their countries.

She also spoke of the recommendations of the "Climate Security Agenda for the Amazon," a document that explains how Amazon ensures the water, energy, food and health security within and outside the region. She said the best way to preserve this heritage is through mapping and monitoring of priority areas and creating national "groups nexus" to assist and inform decision-making in all sectors.

In December, the 20th edition of Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Climate Change's (COP - 20), is going to be held in Lima, Peru. All eyes will be in Peru, including Yolanda's, who believes that working with local actors from cities, populations, governments and Amazonian States is perhaps the most efficient way to preserve the Amazon. "The decisions that come from very far above are usually difficult to apply, but when the decisions are taken in that locality, from smal states's governments, they have more potential, first be implemented in shorter times and second, to get the participation of the local community."

By the end of the event, everyone was invited to meet the, then inaugurated, exhibition "Amazon in Rio," which will be on display at the PUC-Rio Environmental Education Station.

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