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Guanabara Bay 

PUC-Rio and other institutes from Rio de Janeiro discuss methods of cleaning Guanabara Bay


Representatives from the NIMA (Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment) from PUC-Rio, Sandra Wantuil and Luiz Alberto Teixeira, attended the prior meeting on the International Workshop on Governance of Guanabara Bay, on July 16, 2014.

The PSAM (Environmental Sanitation Program of Municipalities Surrounding Guanabara Bay) linked to the SEA / RJ (State Secretariat of Environment of Rio de Janeiro), was in charge of coordinating the discussions and the proposition of a new Governance Model for the Guanabara Bay, with the various institutions representing the Rio de Janeiro, and with the successful experience of the state of Maryland (USA) in the Chesapeake Bay as model to follow.

In this context, the Executive Unit of the PSAM through its executive coordinator, Gelson Serva, will realize the International Workshop ACRJ with specific sectoral meetings with representatives of public bodies, the business sector, the third sector and the Academy of Rio de Janeiro and Maryland, seeking to present ideas for development, encourage debate and the exchange of experiences with guests from Maryland and seize all of the suggestions to consolidate a program to be done by "many hands".

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