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The ecological Guide seeks to instruct the young people who participated in the WYD to act in favor of Nature and to emphasize living in a conscious and ethical manner, in a perspective of respect towards the other, when humans are not included, so plants, other animals, water…

The guide was elaborated by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment (in Portuguese, NIMA) of PUC-Rio and will be distributed during the WYD to the more than 2 million people that will participate. It suggests actions so that young people realize the attitude that must be taken towards the environment. The Guide, according to Fr. Josafá de Siqueira S.J., PUC-Rio’s Rector, is to show the relation between faith and environmental responsibility, to emphasize the importance of sustainable actions in the Mega-events, to remember the theological responsibility towards the Creation, our mission to care for that God has put in our hands and to show the Church’s ethical worries towards the environment. It brings sustainable tips such as waste recycling and precautions with local ecosystems.

By the end of the WYD, pilgrims may calculate their CO2 emissions on the NIMA homepage ( calculate how many trees must be planted to compensate the carbon emitted during the trip.

The experiences lived during the journey must inspire the youth to maintain a deeper commitment  with action in balance with Nature.


Click here to Download the Ecological Guide

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