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Environmental recovery as a main goal of agreement between institutions.
(photo by Paulo Henrique Rosa - Vice-Rector , priest Francisco Ivern simó, s.J., (R), and the Rector of Drexel University John Frey)

PUC-Rio signed an agreement with Drexel University on April to establish an exchange of environmental research findings between the two institutions. Rector  John Frey and vice-chancellor Julie Mostov of the American university, which is located in Philadelphia, met with PUC-Rio Vice-Rector Father Francisco Ivern Simó to sign the agreement. The American visitors also participated in a workshop hosted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIMA) to survey recent environmental projects undertaken by organization. PUC-Rio was accepted as a partner on the Joint Initiative for Urban Sustainability, a project which aims at stimulating cooperation between American universities and the Envi ronmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States’ equivalent of the Ministry of the Environment. According to the Director of NIMA, professor Luiz Felipe Guanaes, the EPA has indicated PUC-Rio as a partner for the development of research on urban sustainability at Drexel University. The workshop, organized by NIMA, presented the work of some multidisciplinary research groups that will work as the main facilitators for cooperation between the two universities.

“We will work on two multidisciplinary projects— environmental recovery of the Gávea valley at PUC-Rio and the deployment of urban farms in the surrounding areas of Drexel University,” said Professor Guanaes. Professor Rosa Marina Brito Meyer, director of the Coordination Center for International Cooperation (CCCI), said that the idea of ​​a partnership came about because the two institutions have similar profiles, including comparable student body populations and academic projects.

“There are three courses of action that could be developed through a partnership with Drexel University— student exchanges, academic collaborations in the field of engineering education with Professor Luiz Carlos Scavarda, and research cooperation with NIMA,” said Meyer.


-  Nicole Lacerda

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