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The unceasing production of garbage is one of the greatest problems of the urban agglomerations. The consumption gives priority to the esthetic appeal rather than to the socioenvironmental responsibility with presumptions of re-use and recycling.

The University must monitor and manage responsibly all the disposal from the campus, establishing clear policies of re-use and recycling and implement units for recycling and selection, directing these products to society once again.

Within this context of socioenvironmental responsibility, the solid residues, as defined above in the topic “Water”, must be managed sustainably, generating gas for energy sources and organic fertilizer that might be used as humus.

Remains of leaves and branches fallen from the trees, as mentioned in the “Biodiversity” topic, must be recycled through composting getting back to where they were produced.

The community that attends the campus must be made sensible, and act as partner in the process of disposal, re-use and recycling of residues. Well distributed physical structures must be implanted throughout the campus with different compartments, integrated with an efficient collection and residue destination system.

Aiming to re-use and recycle the entire disposal from the campus, we suggest the following directives:


  • To make of the re-use and of the recycle of materials a daily practice in the University.
  • To stimulate the articulations with the surrounding community so the surplus of
  • nutrients and recycled materials might be used by the neighboring population.
  • To stimulate the research on technologies for the recycle and reutilization of residues.
  • To assume the socioenvironmental responsibilities for all residues discarded by the University.



  • To map the data flows on the residue disposal.
  • To stimulate the selective collection of disposable residues.
  • To promote campaigns of consciousness raising that might contribute to change, progressively, the current consumption patterns.
  • To propose administrative and academic ruling actions that stimulates the selective collection and the recycling of residues in the University.


  • Implementation of a program for the recycle and re-use of the computers within the campus.
  • To implement a residue recycle unit in the University.
  • To implement a system of selective collection of garbage in the University.
  • To implement systems of sustainable managing of solid residues – pilot.
  • To monitor the data flows on the residue disposal.
  • To promote the definition of norms and strategies for the restaurants and fast food shops regarding the disposal of materials in the campus.
  • To implement training programs for the employees that deal directly with the residues that will be re-used or recycled.
  • To propose academic and administrative ruling actions that set conscientious disposal strategies for the university.
  • To develop research projects on recycling and re-use.



  • To re-use or recycle all of the residues produced in the campus.
  • To promote partnerships with the communities of the Gavea valley, organizing joint administration systems for the processes of recycle of produced residues.
  • To guarantee room for the flow, storage and recycle of the residues discarded in the University.
  • To implement systems of sustainable gestion of solid residues in the campus.


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