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NIMA (stands for Interdisciplinary Center for the Environment, in Portuguese) is located within PUC’s Ecological Park, an area with plenty of vegetation and with a diversity of rare species. An Atlantic Forest place where the Rainha river passes by, the sabiá-laranjeira  sings and where one builds with bamboo, with words and with transforming actions.

Founded by the current vice-rector, father Josafá Carlos de Siqueira, S.J., in 1999, NIMA received the blessing and the quest to become the integration place for the interdisciplinary exchange within the University, with the duty to close the relationship among the different departments, seeking to build up cooperation to face the social-environmental  questions.

Besides aggregating the internal skills, NIMA also intends to establish interaction between the University and the society , as expected from the Complementary Units according to the statute of the University. For 10 years NIMA has been developing projects in partnership with schools, companies, municipalities and institutions both national and foreign.

In November 2006, NIMA received the Estácio de Sá Award in the Environment category. The compromise assumed since its foundation was with the environmental ethics, and therefore it acts accordingly to transform the anthropocentric culture, believing in the possibility of  creating new scenarios from the communion between the human beings and the environment.

Mission of NIMA

To turn PUC-Rio into a national and international reference in Environment, contributing through science and education for the sustainable development, seeking to establish the interaction between the University and the society to meet the needs of the Society.
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